Energy Saving

Save on the electricity bill
thanks to
smart consumption

Energy Saving, the system detects that there is nobody and
turn off the air conditioning

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Save on electricity bills thanks to smart consumption

Energy Saving, the system detects that nobody is there and turns off the air conditioning.

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Forget the air on
going out is no longer a problem

Not turning off the air when leaving a meeting, at lunch or dinner time and even at the end of the working day on Friday, is a very common practice in companies. Avoid these oversights with Energy Saving, the smart device that turns off the air when it detects that there is no one left in the room.

Reduce expenses

With the electricity bill at maximum, every cent of savings counts.


Save while protecting the planet.
Reduce carbon footprint!

Prevent fires

Your split will not overheat, it will shut down before this happens.

No works or installation required

Connect it yourself in 3 steps:

1. Plug the Energy Saving into the light

2. Link it with the air conditioner

3. Place the presence sensor

And ready!

Where can I install it?


Compatible with all types
of air conditioning.

no installation


We have other solutions
Energy Saving
for all types of air

Installation included

What is Energy Saving?

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Savings for average consumption of a split air conditioner
[(Price €/kWh: 0.46 x 2 hours per day) * 30 days of the month] * 12 months = €331.2

Save on the electricity bill

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