Easy Access

Opens automatically when you bring your mobile phone close to the sensor. No keys or cards. 


  • Opening by contact. Activate your phone and bring it close to the sensor.
  • Voice opening: works with Siri and Google Home.
  • Remote opening: open the door without being at home.
  • For the whole family. Invite up to 5 users, don't spend more money on keys or cards.
  • Immediate invitations and cancellations.
  • Easy to install. Works with Bluetooth and Wifi, for remote opening.
  • Eco Friendly. Connected to the mains and does not need batteries.

More information

This system is compatible with all types of doors with electric locks such as pedestrian doors, access to buildings, single-family homes or access to businesses. No refurbishment required.

It coexists perfectly with the door entry system or keys that the installation already has.

It does not require internet for its operation. It works with Bluetooth and Wifi if you need remote opening

It is recommended that the installation is carried out by a professional.

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