Access control for residents' associations

Access your residents' association with your mobile phone

And goodbye keys and remotes. It's as simple as that!

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Access your residents' association with your mobile phone

And goodbye keys and remotes. It's as simple as that!

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Open your community portal with your mobile phone

Operates barrier, winch or garage door without controls

Lift access to restricted floors using your mobile phone

Reserve access to common areas

Your community, a safer place

Former neighbours who continue to use the facilities, thefts from garages or storage rooms... Does this ring a bell?
With this access control system you can manage all entrances and exits from your mobile phone. And only authorised persons will be able to enter your community.


Bring mobile phone or NFC card close to the device.


The system detects you and opens without further ado.

In Remote

Open from a distance, wherever you are.


Open from the camera and see who is accessing.

From the App

Open manually with one click.

By voice

Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

How does it work?

System compatible with any type of access: doors, garage, turnstiles or barriers. With a previous access invitation, you only have to take your smartphone with you, open with the app or bring it close to a small device and the door will open.

Manage common spaces intelligently

It has never been so easy to enable access and manage the booking of common areas such as the swimming pool, the gym or the paddle tennis court with a single app and in just a few clicks.

Where can I install it?



Access lathes


Extends the use of the system to all users

Facilitate access in a simple way by sending invitations to all users via user licences.
Choose between permanent or temporary licences depending on whether they are landlords or tenants. If you prefer, NFC cards can also be used by users who do not have a smartphone.

  • Permanent use licences.
  • Temporary use licences.
  • NFC cards.

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Access your community with your mobile phone.

Neighbourhood communities FAQs

- You will be able to access your community without using keys or remote controls.

- You will be able to enter comfortably by simply bringing your mobile phone close to you.
- Avoid the cost of keys and remotes.
- Improve the security of your installation by guaranteeing that only residents with an active invitation have access.
- Invite new users and cancel those who are no longer in the facilities.
- Management of sports facilities such as paddle tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, etc., from the Everou App.
- Improve the security of your facility by ensuring that only authorised users have access.

Any of our devices can be installed in any door of your community.

For example, you can install Easy Access at the entrance door to the building or at any of the entrances to the communal areas (paddle courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc.). You can also access the communal garage with your mobile phone by installing Easy Parking. With it you will forget about the controls forever. In addition, the door will open automatically without you even having to touch your mobile phone.

Smart systems are ideal for all neighbourhood communities.

With a single device you will be able to enter the building with your mobile phone for all the neighbours. Without making more copies of remote controls or keys and having the latest technology in access control for communities. This way you will know who can and cannot access the different areas of the building.

Yes, by installing a system such as Easy Access in the access to the swimming pool of your community or in any communal area, you will be able to open it with your mobile phone.

In addition, it is a way to control access to the communal pool and if necessary, from the application you can reserve the communal facilities you want (such as paddle tennis courts, access to the pool or gym) from the Everou application.

Whether it is a large or small community of neighbours, save money by installing any of the Baintex intelligent systems
and downloading our free application, you will be able to access the building with your mobile phone.

Once you get home, instead of looking for the keys or the remote control as before, you will only have to bring your mobile phone close to the device and the door will open automatically. Of course, if you wish, you can also open any door in your community from your mobile phone by accessing the app and clicking on the Easy Access or Easy Parking button. Start enjoying the advantages of opening the gates of your community with your mobile phone.

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Discover other access controls from Baintex

Control access to your neighborhood from your mobile phone.

With Access Pro for communities, you will be able to manage the access control of all the neighbours of the community from your mobile phone and they will be able to access the building, common areas or even their home using the app.

With our smart devices installed at the entrance or gate doors, car park or at the accesses to facilities such as gyms or paddle courts, all authorised persons will be able to open from the app, by voice (thanks to its integration with Google Home, Siri and Alexa) or remotely. And the administrator, president or manager will be able to see the log of entries and exits and prevent any unauthorised use of the facilities.

You will be able to send permanent invitations to owners and temporary invitations to tenants; once the contract ends, the tenant will no longer have access.

Improve security and forget about keys in your community thanks to smart access control.

Smart Access Access control in communities


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