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Smart Access Specialists

At Baintex we use technology to improve people's lives

Smart Access Specialists

At Baintex we use technology to improve people's lives

Baintex Technologies

At Baintex we use technology to improve people's lives. We are a Spanish company located in Valencia, specialised in smart accesses.

What are smart accesses?

At Baintex we want to change the traditional way of entering our homes, work or any other place. Forgetting the keys or the garage door handles forever.

We want to generate a new access experience with the aim of making a commitment to accessibility and safety in the facilities. In this way, we want to turn our homes, leisure spaces and workplaces into smart, more sustainable and efficient places.

"At Baintex we believe in the power of joining forces making new ideas and developments materialise successfully day by day".

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Baintex has very clear values. Values that help to create quality solutions that add value to today's society. Quality products that are made entirely in Spain.

To achieve this, we have a highly specialised and multidisciplinary team of professionals, who work day by day to achieve our joint objectives. We offer a working environment that fosters both personal and professional development and we adopt new habits, such as flexibility, to promote well-being in the office.

We are an accessible company, in direct contact with our customers, to resolve any day-to-day doubts that may arise or to facilitate the installation of our products. We are committed to a clear and transparent customer service with which they can feel comfortable and reassured.

Technology at the service of people

As a result of the R&D work that Baintex carries out on a daily basis, we have several software architecture patents and product patents related to the way our devices communicate with each other in a secure way.

One of the aspects that makes us different is that we control all the phases of the product, thanks to the fact that within the company, we have several companies specialised in different sectors; from the manufacture of electronic boards or plastic injection moulds, to the placing on the market of our products. In this way we guarantee that all our solutions reach the end customer with the highest quality.

BAINTEX Corporation

It was born in 2018, when the CEO, and owner of several companies, took the decision to unify all the companies in the same facilities with the aim of generating synergies between them and the services they offer.

Do you want to work in our company?

Join our team [email protected]

Do you want to work in our company?

Join our team [email protected]

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