Access control for hotels

Mobile access control for hotels

Manage users intelligently and securely.

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Mobile access control for hotels

Manage users intelligently and securely.

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They trust us:

They trust us:

Make your hotel a benchmark in technology and security

Higher security and lower cost: prevents key loss and theft, and controls access to exclusive areas.

It monitors relevant information to improve the customer experience: use of each of the zones, busiest time slots and other data of interest.

With the smartphone or NFC card.

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With your current management system


For all types of customers


Unlimited users

Intelligent user management

From your own management platform you will be able to carry out the process in three simple steps:

Up to 5 users

2. Defines the rooms or facilities to which you will be able to access

3. Select the access period

A unique experience for your guests

100% Spanish technology and innovation for your customers to enjoy their stay to the fullest. No keys or codes, just a mobile phone.

Where can I install it?



Access lathes


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Mobile access control for hotels

With Access Pro you can manage and control access to hotel rooms and check-in from your mobile, creating a unique experience for your guests. Activate access control from the hotel door or car park, through the rooms to the access to common or restricted areas, such as the swimming pool, dining room or spa.

How does access control work in hotels?

Install smart devices on doors, barriers, turnstiles or garages and from your mobile phone you will be able to monitor how many guests have used the facilities and for how long or which are the busiest times. In addition, you can also track and control access for hotel staff.

And all this from your mobile or with an NFC card, whichever you prefer.


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