Access control for companies

Control all access to your company from your mobile phone

And it improves safety and accessibility in the facilities.

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Control all access to your company from your mobile phone

And it improves safety and accessibility in the facilities.

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Open your company portal with your mobile phone

Operates barrier, winch or garage door without controls

Lift access to restricted floors using your mobile phone

Reserve access to common areas

Transform your company into a smart company

Don't worry about unauthorised access: with this access control system you can manage all entrances and exits from your mobile phone. And your team will be able to access in the way that best suits their needs.


Bring mobile phone or NFC card close to the device.


The system detects you and opens

In Remote

Open from a distance, wherever you are.


Open from the camera and see who is accessing.

From the App

Open manually with one click.

By Voice

Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

Manage common area bookings intelligently

It has never been easier to enable access and manage bookings for common spaces such as a meeting room or restricted floors, from a single app and in just a few clicks.

Increased security and access control

System compatible with any type of access: doors, garage, turnstiles or barriers. With a previous access invitation, you only have to take your smartphone with you, open with the app or bring it close to a small device and the door will open.

Where can I install it?



Access lathes


Extends the use of the system to all users

Facilita el acceso de forma sencilla a través de las licencias de uso. Escoge entre las licencias temporales o permanentes en función de tus necesidades. Además dispondrás de las tarjetas NFC para aquellos usuarios que no tengan Smartphone.

  • Permanent use licences.
  • Temporary use licences.
  • NFC cards

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Access your business with your mobile phone.

Companies FAQs

- Aumenta la privacidad y seguridad de toda la instalación.

- Facilita el acceso a tu equipo
- Agiliza la gestión del tiempo de tus empleados
- Evita gastos en llaves y mandos
- Restringe el acceso a determinadas zonas
- Gestiona desde la aplicación la reserva de salas
- Invita a nuevos usuarios y cancela a aquellos que ya no estén en las instalaciones.
- Entrarás cómodamente simplemente acercando el móvil.

Los sistemas inteligentes de Baintex se pueden utilizar en todo tipo de accesos como puertas de acceso, garaje, tornos o barreras.

Todos los usuarios, con una invitación previa, podrán acceder a las instalaciones con su móvil, acercándolo a un pequeño dispositivo la puerta se abrirá.

Con nuestros sistemas inteligentes tendrás una solcuión global de accesos en tu empresa:

Instalando Accesos Pro podrás acceder tanto a tu oficina como al parking simplemente con tu móvil; también podrás permitir el acceso a zonas restringidas y reservar salas, facilitando el control de acceso de forma sencilla y cómoda desde tu móvil. 

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Access control for companies: manage all access to your business from your mobile phone.

With our access control systems for companies you can manage all the entrances and exits of personnel from your mobile phone. With our Access Pro, control access and open doors, barriers, turnstiles, garages, lifts and even register your team's timetable from the same app. And all of this is stored and can be reviewed at any time from the app or computer.

How do these business access control devices work?

Install the devices in the access areas that you decide and all authorised persons will be able to operate the doors or accesses for which they have been authorised from the app, remotely or by voice. With this access control system for companies, users will also be able to reserve meeting rooms or have access to restricted floors or rooms.

You can send temporary access invitations to guests or employees and delete them once their use has ended. We adapt the accesses to your and your team's needs, so they also work with NFC cards. It has never been so easy to manage all the accesses to your business!

Smart Access Access control in companies


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